Pipe Cleaner

After being directed to the site, http://www.gbrockman.com/pipescrubber/ I couldn’t resist contacting the owner. Here is my email to him.
Mr. Brockman
I just wanted to thank you for such wonderful product. I’m in the Silicon Valley and have a friend on the East Coast. We use the Internet to communicate. Over the years I noticed a definite lag in transmission time. I just assumed it was because more sites were being built (darn FaceBook!). More sites would mean more rerouting and detours. If only all internet sites were worth something (like yours).
After I found your site, I immediately called my friend (on a land line, just to get to him quicker). I told him to visit your site and run the pipe cleaner. What a difference! Now we can chat, email and everything much faster.
I was wondering if you had plans to create a product for cleaning my house wiring. I envision it working from your site through the power cord to my PC. All that AC/DC stuff going on has to have some kind of effect on how dim my lights have gotten over the years.
Bill Mosca

About Bill Mosca

Programmer, Database Engineer in the Healthcare Industry. Humorist by avocation.
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2 Responses to Pipe Cleaner

  1. Crystal says:

    I laugh when I read this again … I believed you!

    Warm Regards,

    (: have an awesome day 🙂


  2. wrmosca says:

    Sorry, doll! I did not intend to add any credence to that site. I was just playing along with the author’s joke.


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