Tea Party

I saw a commercial for microwave popcorn (which all are an abomination to true popcorn lovers as I confess to be) in which the little girl hosting a tea party with her dolls and stuffed animals refuses to let a couple adult males share her popcorn. “Tea party!” she insisted.
The next shot was with the girl and the big guys sitting at a child’s table having a tea party, hats, feather bollas and all. Ah, the power of that brand of popcorn.
Yeah, right! Here is what I saw…
The little girl was hosting an imaginary tea party, and her daddy and maybe her uncle joined in just because they wanted to, not because of the temping popcorn. It brought back a flood of memories that I hope I can cherish til I die. My two girls had many a tea party. Once in awhile, they would extend an invitation to me. I was thrilled! The two angels of my life wanted me to share in their imaginary tea party. What higher praise could a daddy get?
The chairs were Munchkin-sized. The tea cups were mere thimbles in this giant’s awkward hands, but the magic was all around us. With the first tilt of the teapot, the living room became a 5-star hotel. The tea party was suddenly the most elegant gathering of only the best of society ( except for my humble presence).
“Daddy! you NEVER put your spoon on the table! Put it on the saucer!”
“Did you know that Sally adopted the cutest little kitten? She found it stuck in a drain pipe. It’s now so fat and fluffy, I just know it will grow up big and strong because she loves it just like Mommy and Daddy love us.”
“Tommy said he’s doing much better reading now that the teacher knows he mixes up letters.”
“Daddy, thank you for coming to our party. It’s always so much fun having you sit with us.”
By then I was wiping my eyes a lot and mumbling about hay fever. But those moments will remain with me long after the last Super Bowl game plays out…the last job promotion comes through…the last deadline is met or not.

About Bill Mosca

Programmer, Database Engineer in the Healthcare Industry. Humorist by avocation.
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2 Responses to Tea Party

  1. Crystal says:

    Hi Bill,thank you for this beautiful story — brought tears to my eyes. I remember sitting in those \’Munchkin-sized\’ chairs with \’magic … all around us\’ and a simple environment becoming a \’5-star hotel\’. How quickly our beloved children grow! And you are so right about the things we remember the most!Warm Regards,CrystalMicrosoft MVPremote programming and trainingAccess Basics by Crystal (Bill Mosca\’s site)http://thatlldoit.com8-part free tutorial that covers essentials in Access * (: have an awesome day 🙂 *


  2. Unknown says:

    No wonder my favorite nieces are as wonderful as they are….they had a great upbringing.


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