New Year Stupidity

Related imageHere it is December 30th and the rednecks are already shooting off illegal fireworks for the New Year. I guess it’s either a calendar-challenged brain or a “can’t control myself” brain. Either way, this drives my snarly, snapping, normally adjusted pooch, Spike, into hiding in the master shower. I don’t do well with this either.

I hate these people. I wish they would blow off appendages as their children watch. Eyeballs flying through the air intercepted mid-air by blobs of bloody goo. I hope they see their stupid houses go up in flames and their families curse their existance for all the death and destruction they caused as the survivors seek shelter among the rest of the homeless. All in the name of “Wow! Did you see that?! That was koool!” Yeah, Jethro, that was way kool. Lest’s just scurry away from that burning car down the street.

Of course, no consequences will ever happen to these morons, but I still wish. They will buy contraband from subculture snakes as they have for decades. Houses will burn to the ground, children will suffer 3rd degree burns or die.

What will happen is that the local law enforcement will not be able to respond to all calls of illegal fireworks and they will go to the source of the peoples’ calls only to find that the culprits have moved on. Or worse yet, the injured will not be rescued. The maimed will slowly bleed to death.

But Muslim and Christian immigrants will be detained while they run from terrorists. Single-parent’s will be shuffled around on Section 8 Bureaucracy and put on 10-year waiting lists and be told to feed their children on paltry leavings of government spending. that is cut every time fat cats want to line their pockets.

Shame on me…Shame on you…shame on us for allowing bigotry to infiltrate the White House and to direct democracy away from its greatest task…those who have protecting those who need.

Geez…I never meant for this to turn into a political rant. But, hey, I play the cards I’m dealt. Happy New Year, folks.

About Bill Mosca

Programmer, Database Engineer in the Healthcare Industry. Humorist by avocation.
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