Happy ‘Don’t enforce the law cuz it takes too much effort’ Holiday

Once again, Hayward, CA Police has proven to be July’s safety standards to be as effective as tits on a boar. Sorry to be so graphic, but it’s true.

A city that has banned ALL fireworks and publically brags about it and has no way to enforce that ban is embarrassing. I called the non-emergency line to report countless explosions on our local streets only to be met with a busy signal (same as “too bad, so sad”).

City council take notice. Next election will tell tale. We are being stripped of our protection, and taxed to support wasted man power, and we will not lie back and accept that.

My poor little dog is cowering in the corner of my shower stall as countless explosions happen around us. My dog takes little comfort in the no-action police department. The dry grass hills around me are even less comforting by the lack of law enforcement. We just might die tonight with no warning and no effort to stop this senseless attack of COVID19 MORONS that feel immune to the disease plus thumb their noses at the residents just trying to survive.

Don’t tell me HPD is short-staffed or that this is a low priority with gang stuff on the rise and COVID killing us all off one by one. This was bound to happen. Knowing that your city is under siege every July 4th should only prep you for combat.

About Bill Mosca

Programmer, Database Engineer in the Healthcare Industry. Humorist by avocation.
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